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Your First Barre Fusion Pilates Class

Before taking your first Barre Fusion Pilates Class you might have a few questions. Hopefully the information below answers all of them. If not, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What should I wear to class?

Pilates is performed in STICKY socks. We recommend sticky socks for hygienic reasons. You should wear comfortable clothing that is not too baggy. This will allow the instructor to see your alignment and to better correct your form.

This is my first time doing Barre Fusion group Pilates. Should I do private sessions first?

If you have NO experience at all with Pilates or Pilates Mat, we recommend attending ONE or TWO beginner classes that introduce the reformer and basic exercises used in class. The workout will familiarize you with what to expect in a group setting and may make it more comfortable for you before joining a class. Our regular Barre Fusion Pilates classes can be attended by beginners, as well. Most of our new students do just fine in the classes. The instructor will always start with basic fundamentals and explain the reformer usage and intricacies. However, clients MUST be injury-free with NO orthopedic issues to join group equipment classes. If you have not been physically active in the past, it is recommended you speak to an instructor first to assess your fitness level and allow her to decide whether a private class would be a better option for your first few sessions.

How long are the sessions?

Group and individual sessions are 50 minutes and they start on time.

You can find our full list of studio policies here.