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Pilates for Golf

IMPROVE: Posture, Balance, Technique

INCREASE: Flexibility, Strength, Speed

Synergy Golf Pilates

Synergy Golf Head Pro Justin Ahasic teamed up with Lisa Daniel of Barre Fusion Pilates to create a golf pilates program that will benefit golfers of all ability levels. This program is specifically designed to help all golfers safely and efficiently improve both their body and their golf game. 

STEP 1: Synergy Golf SMP Analysis 

The Synergy Golf Pilates program begins with an in-depth swing, movement, and postural analysis. The information gathered during this session is used to create the plan for your personal pilates sessions as well as the gameplay for improving your swing technique. 

STEP 2: Personal Pilates Sessions

These golf specific Pilates sessions are personalized based on the information gathered during the Synergy Golf SMP Analysis. Your program is specifically engineered to your needs. The goal is to transform your body by building strength without excess bulk. The Pilates sessions promote the creation of a sleek, toned, and flexible body while at the same time teach body awareness, good posture, and fluid motion. At the end of your program, you will have a body that is prepared to help you play your best golf.

STEP 3: Synergy Golf Swing Instruction

As your body evolves, so must your swing. The work you are doing in the Pilates sessions will make your swing better on it’s own. But our goal isn’t a better swing. Our goal is to guide you to your best swing. During these lessons, Synergy Golf Head Professional Justin Ahasic will use cutting edge technology to help you find the swing that is the perfect synergy of your mind, body, and swing.

STEP 4: Final Assessment

Your final assessment includes an updated postural analysis, a rotational flexibility analysis, a swing and ball speed analysis as well as a narrated swing video that will show you how your swing has improved. This video and the final assessment will also include strategies to help you continue on your journey to playing your best golf.

STEP 5: Play Your Best Golf 


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